1.  I have a sofa that is 10' long, how many toss pillows should I have?

2. I have club chair that is 30" w x 30"d, what size toss pillow should I purchase?

3.  I have purchased a chandelier, how high should it be off the floor?

4.  I have purchased a chandelier to go over my dining room table, how high off the table should I hang it?

5.  I can't decide between two finishes, can you help?

6.  I have selected a fabric and am now debating between two or three trims, can you help me choose?

7.  I have found the perfect coffee table but I am not sure which finish works with my decor, can you help me choose based on the provided options?

8.  I am not sure if a balloon shade or a roman shade works best, can you give me your opinion?

9.  I have chosen my paint colors, but I don't know what sheen the mouldings should be, what are your thoughts?

10.  How much should a counter top overhang from the face of the cabinet door?

11.  I want a white marble counter top but not sure if it should be honed or polished, can you help me decide?

12.  I have purchased sconce, how high should I place them off the floor?

13.  I have an 8' ceiling height, how high should I make my headboard?

14.  I have selected a dining table and chairs that I love, however, I am not sure how many chairs will fit.  Can you help?